Three Main Types Of Entrepreneurship

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Entrepreneurship is ‘alertness to new opportunities, it is the sequence of innovative actions following the discovery of such opportunities’ (Ács, Z. and Audretsch, D. 2005). According to (Bruxelles 2013) Entrepreneurship education is more than preparation on how to run a business. It is about how to develop the entrepreneurial attitudes, skills and knowledge which, in short, should enable a student to ‘turn ideas into action’ There are three main types of entrepreneurship, these are: for profit (businesses) example Apple, for social change (social) example Pieta House and education (business/social) example Fighting Words. An entrepreneur is someone who takes a calculated risk in setting up a business in the hope that they will make a profit…show more content…
To be an entrepreneur you need to have many skills and qualities many of these you can learn in education, for example, an entrepreneur needs to be creative. According to (Nieuwenhuizen and De Beer, 2008) ‘creative people can normally generate a few good alternative solutions to a problem in a relatively short period of time.’ There are many ways in education you can be creative for example, in Art, English and Woodwork. These are only some subjects that allow the students to have a creative side which is a very important skill of an entrepreneur as they need to think of a creative idea to use as their new business or enterprise. An entrepreneur also needs to be opportunity focused; this is another skill they can learn during their years in education. The entrepreneur needs to be able to seek out any opportunity they might be able to receive while in education, for example if the teacher is busy with another student the entrepreneur should take the opportunity to continue on and do another question or read over what they just covered in class. They should never waste the opportunity to do something useful that will benefit them during their education or in their life out working. Being an entrepreneur means having to have a realistic time frame to get things done and having realistic goals. They need to have good time keeping skills which they can also learn in education by having to be there at a…show more content…
The teacher will be passionate about their teaching, and develop many different ideas. An entrepreneurial teacher will be inspirational to the students, open minded and confident (European Commission 2013). They listen well and can sell ideas and question ideas and make the student think in many different ways. This will get the students to view things in different ways and question why things are done in a certain way and also come up with a new way of doing it. These teachers are team players and have a good network and good a relationship with students. An entrepreneurial teacher isn’t like a lecture; instead they support the student in their own individual work. These teachers will try and teach the class using training material rather than school books. They put emphasis on group work and interactions and also have a reflection period after the lesson. This method of teaching will get the students to engage and come up with their own unique ideas on their own and with the help of their class mates. This will encourage entrepreneurship within the classroom which will make it a vital place in

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