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The paper is about the Corporate Strategy of Apple Inc Leadership and Innovation. People have selected Apple Company to work on, as it is a brand and it is very famous. Apple has one of the major brand names within the technology business all over the world. Apple is focused to improve latest products, which will make the implementation of technology simple and additional excellent. Apple presents simple use product to the hand of the customers. Its products are small, light, and simple to carry around which make them additional aggressive. One of the important things about Apple is diversification of product; Apple has a great number of product lines to focus everybody in the world Critically Analyse the Corporate Strategy of Apple Inc Leadership…show more content…
Without going back entirely on "The Adventure of Apple" from 1976 to today, one wonders how a company have succeeded in creating a new need. During this project we will analyze this new term need, before devoting the largest part of our study to the field of marketing the company and the various strategies put in place (Michael, 2009). Apple‟s Strategy Firstly, the specific existing strategy used by Apple Computer Inc. is the differentiation strategy (Innovation and Creative strategy). According to Gustin, (2011), the differentiation strategy is an integrated set of actions taken to produce goods or services at an acceptable cost that customers perceive as being different in ways that are important to them. According to the Apple case, Apple has using differentiation strategy create different and new product over it competitors and gain the first mover advantages such as IPod. This enables to help Apple increase its market share. The creative and innovation is not only use on product but also for internal process and organizational as well (Michael, 2009). Apple Inc. has established a great in depth planned administration process through considerate of its…show more content…
Another essential strength of Apple is having strong brand image which took them long time to develop brand recognition and loyalty from the customers through promoting quality products/services that help to attract loyal and enthusiastic customers to support Apple‟s brand. Using its brand name benefit, Apple differentiates its products from others by offering convenient, fashion and distinctive style which in turn driven the sales and reputation. This process of creating product differentiation can call for a premium pricing for its products while giving customer satisfaction of value (William, 2008). Weaknesses Due to Apple devoted so much to R&D, they spent much money in this area instead of some other aspect of the infrastructure. While their competitors are cutting cost, Apple could have spending more than them, as a result Apple is outlaying more of their profits and makes Apple difficult to compete, and therefore higher costs could be their major weakness (Lambert,

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