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Telemedicine is the use of information technology incorporated with telecommunication to offer exchange of health care information and services between sites at a distance. It comprises of different variety of applications and services that assist in countering distance barriers between patients and medical physicians around the world. It has become the new way of health care service in the twentieth century making it conveniently easy for people to access medical services from the comfort of their homes. Health care information can be exchanged between two parties by way of emails, two way video, use of smart phones, medical robots and other variety of technology available in this current generation as illustrated in the videos. The robot is remotely controlled by the physician from his desk as he checks on his patient. This new technology was designed specifically to reach people that live in the rural areas and also to counter emergencies that may arise in critical situations (Berman, 2010). After years of demonstrations from the public demanding hospitals in the rural areas, telemedicine has acted as the solution to the problem spreading its services to home health…show more content…
The patient is able to converse and at the same time get first hand advice and diagnosis from the relevant professional specialist. It is fitted with devices and applications that are used to gather, interpret and send medical data remotely from home to the relevant agency. Some of the applications or services that was initially the work of visiting nurses, include, heart ECG, blood glucose monitoring and indicators. Telemedicine can assist the medical practitioners to monitor their patient remotely when they are seated at the comfort of their home as data concerning their health is received directly to

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