Telemedicine Act 1997

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Topic 3: Cyber Law Describe what is Telemedicine Act 1997? And why it is exist? In general, the telemedicine is known as used of the information and the communication technologies that will combined to the medical expertise like hospitalist to provide health services such as determining health service needs. This range is from giving them consulting, diagnosing and medical acting with nonconfined space and accidentally execution of it. Basically, to be able to run well, the system requires a communication technology that enable the data transfer like videos and images bilaterally performed in the real time by integrating them into video-conference supportive technology. Moreover, as a supporter of telemedicine technology which is image processing…show more content…
Telemedicine Act 1997 is the one that senatorial initiatives by Malaysia to make sure that the law is observant with the telemedicine and electronic medicine development. This Act with the purpose to provide a remotely services of medical location using the data of the medical electronic and standard of prescription where the treatment of their knowledge is covered under the trusted insurance programs. Moreover, the Telemedicine Act 1997 also an Act that provide a regulation and control the practice of telemedicine and solve for the matters connected therewith. The Telemedicine Act 1997 acts as predetermined that contribute a framework to permit a licensed as practitioners in medical which mainly for medicine practice that using audio, visual and communication of data. This Act also states that only the doctor has legal registration can involve in this practice of telemedicine. Or else, other health management providers must to obtain the license to do this telemedicine. It is just because to escape anything that associated with the medical purposes from being abuse by the doctors or patients as the management of healthy in this industry has…show more content…
In accordance with this, Malaysia has lifted regulations that related to the concentration of the communications and multimedia industry on November 1998. There are two legislatives that arranged to run new regulatory models. First is the Communications and Multimedia Act 1998 which it is based on a new regulatory framework for the licensing industry and the second of legislative is the Law Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission 1998 that creates a new regulatory agency to Malaysian Communications and Multimedia

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