Telehealth Informative Speech

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Telehealth Have you ever heard of telehealth? Maybe you have heard someone else talking about it or maybe you have discussed it yourself with others. Perhaps your doctor may have mentioned it or you have seen a brochure or flyer about it at a clinic or healthcare facility. Or maybe you’ve even learned about it in one of your classes in school. Well I’m here to inform you of what telehealth is, why it’s important, and how it could benefit you. Telehealth is a healthcare application that can make everyday health more accessible, efficient, and comfortable for both patients and healthcare workers. Telehealth is the use of technology to make long distance healthcare more accessible and efficient. There is not one ‘correct’ definition of telehealth, but the one that I found the most defying and well-rounded is a definition that comes from the Mayo Clinic’s website on telehealth. “Telehealth is simply using digital information and communication technologies, such as computers and mobile devices, to manage your health and well-being (Mayo Clinic Staff).” This can include using digital information that can be obtained by the patient and communicated to the physician or…show more content…
There are multiple different applications (apps) that you can purchase on your phone or electric device that can help track what you eat or how much you exercise or walk. There are also fitness apps and workout programs that you can get directly on your device. You can also email and video chat with your device. This can very quickly connect you to your doctor or nurse in to report information or communicate with them. For example, someone who has diabetes that needs to report their blood sugar levels or monitor their glucose levels could do this much more simply and efficiently using a handheld device like a cell phone or tablet(Mayo Clinic

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