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King Tutankhamun (also known as King Tut or Tutankhamen) is the most famous Pharaoh in the modern world. Tutankhamun means ‘living image of Amun’. He was born in the year of the reign Pharaoh Amenhotep IV (also known as Akhenaten) 1345BC, until his early death in 1327BC while he was still only a young boy aged 18. About 3000 years later, he became the famous pharaoh he is today when the archaeologist Howard Carter and his sponsor, Lord Carnarvon, discovered his almost-intact tomb in the Valley of The Kings (VOK). While it is thought to be that King Tut was only a minor ruler he is known for his importance in changing the land left in chaos by his father’s religious reforms, back to believing in the almighty god, Ra (or Re). King Tut is important…show more content…
Not many people like his father; he used the force of the Egyptian army to provoke these ideas on the people of Egypt to destroy the old religion. The whole entire population of Thebes were moved to the new city of Armana which Akhenaten had built as his capital city. Many businesses ruined, traditional temples that were run by priests had been replaced by the new government. Shortly after forcing everybody to change tradition’s it’s believed that Akhenaten was forced to give up his power, not long after suddenly dying of an unknown death. King Tut’s step-mother Nefertiti fully supported Akhenaten in his establishment of a new religion. Nefertiti suddenly disappeared at the end of Akhenaten’s reign. It is believed that it was Nefertiti who continued the role as the Pharaoh, who was referred to as Smenkhkare Ankhetkheperure. The ruling of Smenkhkare only last a few years before king Tut was made pharaoh. The wife and half-sister Ankhesenpaaten of King Tut, daughter of pharaoh Akhenaten and Nefertiti and the granddaughter of Ay. After the death of King Tut, Ankhesenpaaten was expected to marry her grandfather Ay. A political move to strengthen the claim of Ay to the throne. Ankhesenpaaten sent out a plea to her grandfather stating; "My husband…show more content…
Early in his reign, Tutankhaten either decided for himself (after probably being forced) to make Egypt back to the old religious ways, which his father had controlled. The ideal of Ma’ats, world peace, was the most religious/spiritual way in Ancient Egypt. It was believed people in Egypt had the responsibility to act in a certain way to keep earth balanced. By abandoning the old gods and ancient ways, Akhenaten would have changed this balance and the harmony between both people and their gods. When the people were forced to stray from their gods, it was assumed the gods had left the people. Tutankhamen’s improvements, did have a massive impact on the people of Egypt with his restoration of peace. The priests who had hidden the iconography and texts referring to the old ways brought them back to their old places and rebuilt the

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