Mycenaean And Minoan Civilization Research Paper

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In ancient Greece, the Mycenaean civilizations and the Minoan civilization they all had different daily lives of their ordinary people. In ancient Egypt their daily/simple life was that simple in the things that they did and the material possessions that they held onto. In Minoan civilization, they were on the island of Crete which since it was an island trade was their daily activities. And in the Mycenaean civilizations were much more advance than the Minoan people and they too were also traders. These civilizations all inspired their predecessors and many civilizations at the time. In ancient Egypt, every day normal life for ordinary people were working and living simply. Most of the time, future was scare, and the material possesses…show more content…
Even when people wrote on papyrus, they would kneel and write it that way. That intrigued me because furniture seemed to be very popular in other civilizations. In the life of the family structure, the family would have power but in some case the women would or could take power always form the husband. Most women throughout history has had very little power besides a few civilizations, like in Egypt. The women of course took care of the kids, home, and the food, however they could own land, and vote on different matter if they needed to. This gave a women more power than in other countries at the time. The daily life for the salve were different than the other classes because they were treated like salves or servants. I found out that they actually got full time jobs when working on the pyramids. The family religious life, is like any other where else that…show more content…
I learned that they too were on the Mediterranean but mostly they traded with other civilizations or cities around the Mediterranean for their most popular type of work. Their economy was dependent on this trading, and were the major power in trading. With this trading power they made palaces to provide a place for their culture and trading to happen. For the upper level class it shown through the art they were a lively, and colorfully lifestyle. There evolution was more from getting to be as strong as they are in trading. . I found that the most prominent options for their daily life is the various artifacts that they left by and their items that they traded throughout the world. With the port cities growing the temples growing more you can see that they relied more heavily on trading than anything else. They also had a military power, in the fact that their walls were covered in large military purpose. I guess people though that this civilization was more of a simple one however anything in the past will have its dark moments. And here is no different. They had large military process shown through their decorations of large military shield on the walls. In the face of religious things, they would practice human sacrifices. There is evidence in a site called Anemospilia were the sacrifices have been seen to happen on alters. The Minoan civilizations were ones that lived with and around the land through their

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