Microprocessor Analysis

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In my own opinion, a microprocessor has helped to impact positively in technological advancement towards a globalized system in terms of economy, social, cultural and political realization. The use of this gadget (microprocessor) as cell phones, watches, pagers etc. has helped individual and organizations to trade successfully without meeting in person. A cell phone can be used to set up a meeting, using conference calling, one can transact business with another partner right from the comfort of their offices or home without the other partner physically present for the meeting. Microprocessor impact can be felt everywhere because it has shaped the world in terms of the way we work, study, play, communicate and even helped to improve travel…show more content…
Accordingly, the microprocessor can be explained as an integrated circuit which contains all the functions of a central processing unit of a computer. It is general purpose gadget used for comparison, a storage device with high-speed capability, used for electronic calculation and it is easy to operate for efficiency, effective and simplicity in usage. A typical example is a calculator or a washing machine which is controlled by microprocessors, the microprocessor controls how it washes and do the type of washings, the temperature and all the other aspect of the washing…show more content…
Hacking a computer involves a person or a group of people illegal breaking through of security on a business, for instance, breaking into a bank computer systems with the intention of extracting useful information on the bank customers with an intent to defrauding them. It is a good example of technological crimes since computers and microprocessors have entered every aspect of human life and endeavors. The microprocessor is devices of radiation and the human body system needs less percentage of radiation to function properly. Therefore, much of use of cell phone is hazardous to the human health. As a result of the use of microprocessors, people do less physical work, it encourages laziness in persons, it makes humans less skilled and makes them adaptive to extreme situations. It can be used against a person or group of people when hacked and becomes dangerous if a problem occurs while using. In terms of information storage, a microprocessor such as computer processors can crash leading to loss of vital documents and information stored in the

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