Culture And Technology: Case Study Of K-Pop Music Industry

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South Korea in Building Its Soft Power and Cultural Diplomacy Through Its Culture and Technology: Case Study of K-Pop Music Industry I. Abstract In these recent years, South Korea has becoming one of the influential soft power by attracting others by its culture, especially on it entertainment aspects. South Korea nowadays in this globalized world also in its attempt to build and strengthen its diplomacy through the cultures they have. The cultures of South Korea are now becoming trends not only for Asian people but also for people around the world, especially now South Korea is generally known with its K-Pop music industry, which K-Pop music industry becomes one of the most important factors that can influence the successfulness of South Korea.…show more content…
Keywords: Soft Power, Cultural Diplomacy, Technology, Culture, K-Pop Music Industry II. Introduction The cultures of South Korea, whether the traditional cultures and even the modern cultures nowadays are known as very unique cultures which always attract people’s attention, especially in these past decades, K-Pop music industry becomes the trends for people around the world. K-Pop music itself or generally known as Korean Pop music, has a meaning as a genre of music which is originally comes from South Korea that consists of pop, pop electronic, ballad, hip hop, dance pop, rock, and also RnB genres (Kpop For Beginners, 2017). K-Pop music now has grown into a popular subculture for teenagers and youths not only in Asia but also around the world. K-Pop also is known as one of the most recognizable music genres in the world because of its beats and coordinated dance moves that now are being widely adopted by pop stars in other countries (Feng, 2016). In these…show more content…
According to a journal by Kaeunghun Yoon, there are some reasons of why Hallyu has successfully expanded around the world, which is such as: First, Hallyu is expanding because of there is an increasing number of cultural information exchange between the states because of the existence of digital revolution and globalization; and Second, there are various high quality cultural contents, especially the high quality K-Pop music industry technology with strong promotion strategy, that has been produced by South Korea in these past decades which it makes South Korea gains more profits each year (Yoon, 2009, p. 193). By the high quality cultural contents of South Korea, it makes South Korea’s competitive power is increasing which then has a result in the expansion of South Korea’s cultural capital or Hallyu in other

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