Xerox Corporation Case Study

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Xerox Corporation is an American global corporation that sells document technology products and business services. The products sells at Xerox are office printers, projectors, scanner Copiers and other office equipment while the services provided are business processes, document management and outsourcing services. Xerox Corporation established on 110 years ago which is 1906. The headquarters of Xerox was in Norwalk, Connecticut which is in United States. Due of the modernization, Xerox was not a major player anymore among other competitors such as Apple and Microsoft in the information technology (IT) anymore. Based on the question given, the market for optical copier is shrinking rapidly. It is expected that by 2020 as much as 90 percent of all duplicated documents will be done on computer printer. In my opinion, I think…show more content…
This can lead to take advantage for a period of time especially in sales of opportunity. Xerox announced that it create a new company and decides to separate into two different public traded- companies which is a business processing outsourcing company and a document technology company. The new company which is a business processing outsourcing would be named as “Conduent Inc” while the document technology company would be retained its name which is called Xerox Corporation. Conduent is well-positioned to develop on its strong heredity and will retain its values and culture of innovation, diversity and integrity from Xerox. The new company which is Conduent is expertise in connecting clients and their component seamless transaction. There are some example areas that included in transaction such as customer care, transportation solutions and healthcare payer. In comparison, Xerox previously which is known as globalized for changing the way the world communicates such as through copying, but now through digital technology, software and

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