Advantages And Disadvantages Of Hunting Arrowss

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Hunting with the bow and arrow has been part of mans survival for thousands of years. Archery bows have developed over the years to the modern fast compound bows, recurve and longbows of today. Hunting arrows have also become more advanced, with a wide variety of materials used, such as carbon, alloy, but what makes a good bow hunting arrow?This article aims to look at the advantages and disadvantages of aluminium arrows versus carbon arrows. Which one makes the best hunting arrows? Here are some considerations to think about before buying hunting arrows. Aluminium VS Carbon Graphite Hunting Arrows Aluminium and carbon graphite are two of the most well-known materials used for making arrows, particularly hunting arrows, which require great…show more content…
No matter how skilled an archer you are, you can never be accurate with a bent shaft, so it’s best to go for carbon graphite arrows that let you know right away if you have defective weapons in your hand. Carbon arrows are relatively lighter as well, which helps obtain a flatter trajectory. This eliminates a bit of guess work of how far the target or bow hunting game away is. However, as stated before a heavier arrow will penetrate better, so it is a bit of a trade off between speed and penetration. One solution is to go for a happy medium and that might mean a heavier carbon arrow, so you still have the advantages of carbon spine stiffness, but also a heavier hunting arrow. The Beman or Easton arrow selection guide should steer you in the right direction. Another factor to consider is the game you are hunting. A big game animal will generally require a heavier shaft compared to a light or small game animal.The Hunting Arrow Verdict Most serious target archers use carbon arrows these days, so you can be sure the carbon arrows are accurate. So for bow hunting, as long as the shaft is correctly spined for the bow and heavier enough for the game intended,

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