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Holy Prophet (PBUH) as Military Strategist Holy Prophet (PBUH) life is an ideal model for all mankind. Each and every action of Holy Prophet (PBUH) is a role model for an exemplary life. But Holy Prophet (PBUH) as war strategist is very important in this age. Holy Prophet (PBUH) took very wise and military strategist actions in his life to counter his enemies. Now in this dark era of Muslims history it is time of need that we should to take guidance from actions of Holy Prophet (PBUH) to defeat our enemies. When atrocities of infidels of Makkah became unbearable, then Holy Prophet (PBUH) allowed Muslims to migrates towards Abyssinia for shelter during 5th and 6th year of Prophet-hood in 615 and 616 AD. In 621 AD Holy Prophet (PBUH) ordered all Muslims to migrate towards Madina in the smaller groups. When infidels of Makkah tried to kill Holy Prophet (PBUH) in 622 AD, then Holy Prophet (PBUH) with his companion Hazrat Abu Bakar (R.A) moved towards Madina. In Madina Holy Prophet (PBUH) established his first Islamic state. But infidels of Makkah could not sit peacefully in Makkah knowing that Holy Prophet (PBUH)…show more content…
So, that Quraesh could not enter in Madina. Holy Prophet (PBUH) also took part in digging trench. When Quraesh reach on border of Madina, they shocked to see a trench, because trench was too wide that no man on horse could cross it. So, Quraesh prepared their cottages near trench to wait for it. But after few days they had to face shortage of food and their soldiers became bore from long wait. So, Quraesh had to come back with vacant hands. So, due to military strategy of Holy Prophet (PBUH) Muslims saved Madina from huge destraction. And in history of Arab, Holy Prophet (PBUH) first time used trench as tool of war to save themselves from

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