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1. TEAMS 1.1. Definition of the team Team is a well-known and familiar concept to everyone. It expresses different ideas to different people; hence the definition of this word would vary according to point of their different views. According to Katzenbach and Smith (2003, p.45), a team can be defined as: “A small number of people with complementary skills, who are committed to a common purpose, performance goals, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable.” As for Baker and Salas (1997), team can be considered as two or more individuals who have specified role assignments, perform specified tasks, and must interact and coordinate to achieve a common goal. As specified by Cleland and King (1988), characteristics of an…show more content…
Skills and Performance of the team Team members should have skills required to preserve the team, such as showing confidence in terms of sharing task-related information, capability to resolve conflicts or problems and also giving motivational reinforcement, structure, and organization among themselves (Cannon-Bowers and Salas 1998). Additionally in my opinion, I would say the following skills could be considered for successful…show more content…
As mentioned by Uher and Loosemore (2004) this can be realized more in the application of incorporated project delivery method, where teams begin to work as one unit, generating quicker delivery times, reducing costs, and forming a pleasant working relationship for the whole project team. Though, there are several barriers to teamwork in construction, such as disrepute and mistrust, among various project members and professional competition that must be overawed towards mounting and preserving teamwork throughout the entire project’s process. The parties involved in a construction project team, such as the project manager, Engineer, site superintendent, and technical officers understand the reputation of having effective teamwork. The project manager can be deemed as the most significant person for the success or failure of a project. Project managers regularly work with other parties, such as the architects and contractors, with each in charge of design and construction processes. Choosing an experienced project manager has much at stake, since the project manager is anticipated responsible at several phases of the project, regardless of the types of contractual agreements for executing the

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