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Hassan Abubaker Hassan Mohamed March, 2016 Civil Engineering Personal Statement Ever since primary school, the field of engineering has always fascinated me. Even as a young child, I was always intrigued by the world around me and I wanted to learn how everything was built and how it worked. This curiosity later developed in me and I was eager to understand more about the subject. In high school, after studying about the different fields of engineering along with all the different aspects, my interest began to gradually drift towards civil engineering and I decided to pursue a career in this department. I was also very relieved that my parents were supportive of my decision. After lots of hard work and determination, I fulfilled my dream of getting into the best university in my country, University of Khartoum, and was accepted at the Faculty of Engineering in the Department of Civil Engineering. Although I faced some challenges during the first semester and had doubts about my decision, because I was not used to the university life, I quickly overcame them and performed well in my second semester. Ever since then, my performance in the academic field has not wavered and…show more content…
After my graduation, and due to my performance, I was elected to fulfill the position of a part-time teacher’s assistant in those subjects in my department. I conducted tutorial sessions for undergraduate subjects (Mechanics of Materials and Theory of Structures). Moreover, I evaluated homeworks, tests, and laboratory reports and held office hours to ensure students understood course concepts. I also participated in supervising the sessions of laboratories for students and performed some office work at the department, which includes preparing the students’ academic records and

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