Statement Of Purpose In Civil Engineering

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The true beauty of science lies in its inherent potential for innovation and vast opportunity for improvement. Civil engineering is one such science which is a gamut of technologies. All through my adolescent and adult years I have been insistent on one thing. It has been my endeavour to fill all my personal activities and pursuits with passion and joy. This approach has also brought important decisions before me. I finished my undergraduate study in civil engineering and my decision to opt for engineering as my career option has given away the most practical and realistic approach of tackling human problems to me. My passion and the keenness to expand my knowledge coupled with the scope for innovations and various opportunities available has…show more content…
The college had superior lab facilities and excellent infrastructure that I made the best use of, learning through experimenting with theory, examining alternate approaches to problem solving, developing independent thinking, which I believe is essential for a career rooted in science My progress through the semesters was consistently excellent and the decision I took began to appear as a wise one. Being the meritorious student in the very first year set a robust pace for the remaining semesters. And by the final semester I stood among the top 2 in the department and also received the award for best project in the department. I have taken part in many activities that have helped me to build my teamwork, leadership and time management skills. I was also the core member of my departmental association known as ACE (Association of Civil Engineering), where I had to demonstrate good time management and organization skills which I used when I helped to organize…show more content…
As a karateka I was trained at Shito-Ryu Karate School of India, Davangere, Karnataka. I also played Basketball and have been coached at Greens Club at Davangere. I have proudly represented my state to the National Level Competition in Karate and to State Level Competition in Judo. As a sportsperson I always maintain a healthy lifestyle by practicing karate and judo, having the motivation and ability to exercise on a regular basis has taken me a step closer to achieving a healthy life. As a responsible citizen, I have always thought of giving back something to the society, hence I began to get involved in community services. I am an active member of the Rotary Club of Davangere South, involved in the development of local society, promote peace, fight disease etc., and also I became a part of Sri Maitri Association, an NGO which came into existence on the verge of bringing a difference to the society. I provided my service to the association as an Educator in Sri Maitri Fit Institution after my engineering classes at evening and helped students in their

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