Negative Aspects Of Conflict Management

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Conflict management theoretical Conflict management is limiting negative aspects of conflict while increasing positive aspects of the conflict. It is to try increase learning and group outcomes, such as effectiveness and or performance. This can improve a groups outcome. It is handling it sensibly, fairly and is a disagreement or argument in the workplace and can be protracted. Conflict management application to movie The overcooked chip 15 minutes In this scene, mac is showing Ray around McDonald's when Dick comes in goes to his brother with a single burnt chip. Dick is arguing saying the chips are been cooked for too long whereas mac thinks it is just 1 chip and that the time is right because the outside is crunchy while…show more content…
How the created the ‘’speedee system’’ and how they came up with the idea to be the first walk-up restaurant. It’s sad how the business was stolen from the brother, but this can and will help you become an entrepreneur. It shows you different management styles, different leadership styles and so on. There is teamwork, creative thinking, entrepreneurship, financial functions and so much shows us how some businesses work if they want to steal your idea or buy you out, the struggles you can go through as a businessman, but most importantly it shows you the success you can gain, the profit you can make and how your business can grow into something big. We see Ray eager for success and power, how some people in the business world are. According to Wikipedia McDonald's is the largest restaurant chain, a huge achievement. It also makes a lot of money. The founder can educate people on the origin of a very successful restaurant but also on entrepreneurs and their ideas, strategy plans and much more which help them gain success. His movie was portrayed beautifully shows scenes where Ray was unprofessional and unskilled and scenes, where he is professional, knows what to do and so on. There are small details telling us about the history of the restaurant. We see the teamwork between the brothers. How Dick is the idea man and Mac is the social man, we see this on several occasions like at dinner where Dick start telling the story the Mac interrupts. What are the characteristics they have for great teamwork even when later Ray joins a becomes the franchise agent creating a team? In the movie there is the drama of how Ray puts his house under surety promising his property to the bank if he can't repay them, this is a risk because if he fails he stands a chance to lose everything. Many people do that risk can be dangerous but good. It can help you get somewhere in life. Become something,

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