An Analysis Of ANT (Actor-Network Theory)

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In this modern era, technology has already been an essential part of the human life. Normal people cannot imagine life without out technology supporting their daily activities. Transportation, advanced medical equipment, computers and various other man-made artificial technologies are almost inseparable in the present situations as these technologies have been improving the living standards of human beings. In almost every step, people rely on technology. Due to this fact, many social scientists discuss the relation between technology and other nonhuman factors. This theory is known as ANT (Actor-Network Theory). ANT is an ongoing project that describes the relation between human and non-human factors. It helps to study the relationship between these factors broadly so it is considered as a very important and effective tool for enhancement of technologies and…show more content…
Powerful mechanical spring does seem to perform its tasks effectively, however, a certain improvement in the present door might increase the efficiency of the door. For example, old copper plated heavy doors with hydraulic door-closers were preferred by an author in his paper (Johnson 1988, pp. 302). He mentions that the hydraulic piston stores the energy applied by the users when they open the door and releases the energy to close itself slowly. This hydraulic door may seem better than the mechanical spring door it still has its own limitation. A huge number of peoples are still not capable of adapting the hydraulic door. These doors are very heavy and it requires a huge amount of energy to open which leaves people like senior citizens and small children because they cannot open the door due to its heaviness. However, there exists the solution for this by blocking its arm when needed. Despite, some limitations these doors are very

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