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Name Class Assignment Date Kiewit Summary Kiewit is an engineering, mining and construction company. It is among the highly rated and largest companies located in Australia, North America as well as Canada. It has been often been rated among the top companies due its good service delivery; with its employees being rated among the top 400 contractors. Kiewit has been in existence for about 130 years. It has become a great company greatly motivated by its many successful projects and support from its stakeholders. Currently, Kiewit has been attained an estimated revenue of 1.4 billion dollars. The company has put much emphasis on training by close to six times compared to its competitors. The company has worked towards diversifying the market…show more content…
As if this is not all, in the family environment Kiewit creates a family atmosphere by coming up with individual development plans in the individual communities and also create peer advisors therefore upholding high levels of integrity by doing the right thing all the time and creating a legacy for their future employees and…show more content…
They have totaled revenue of more than $12.8billion in their power related projects. Kiewit begun mining in 1943 in North America but has so far expanded to Australia with a revenue of more than $1.3billion. Their mining work includes ore processing, contract mining, owned operations and mine infrastructure. Some of their major mining projects that they have ever undertaken include working at the Raglan mines which has Nickel Sulphide deposits, the Diavik diamond mine the first of its kind in Canada, the Buckskin mining company which mines coal. In oil, gas and chemicals it partners with countries like Canada and USA with Kiewit’s works being downstream, oil sands, midstream and offshores. They have earned revenue of more than $11billion of revenue in this sector of oil, gas and chemicals. The company’s mission being providing on-time, within budget project delivery for their

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