The Advantages And Disadvantages Of The Difficulties Of Writing

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CHAPTER I INTRODUCTION A. Background of the Problem Writing is one of the four main skills that must be mastered by the foreign language learners. It could be like that because writing plays an important role in learning English. However, learning writing in English is also difficult especially in Indonesia since English is still a foreign language for Indonesian learners. There are many reasons why writing is difficult to learn. In writing, students are expected to be able to express their ideas, opinion, and the feeling into the written form. In writing, the students need to use the appropriate grammar, vocabularies, spelling and punctuation. Therefore, students cannot write without having much practice before. They need to do much practice…show more content…
The difficulties of writing that students face are the aspects of writing itself. There are two aspects of problem in teaching learning writing, from the students itself and the other one from the lecturer. The problem from the students, First, the students have lack of ideas in writing. The ideas are needed before the students begin to write. If the students do not have ideas about the topic, they cannot write anything. So, they need to get information about the topic in order to get ideas. Second, the students are weak in using the correct grammar. Sometimes, the student already has ideas in their mind to write something, but they write a text by using incorrect grammar. As a result they cannot deliver their ideas properly into written form. Third, the students are less motivated to write. It is because the students do not have enough interest of writing. It takes them into a situation where writing is a hard activity to be…show more content…
ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) means the technologies that support delivering information and communication. It gives challenges and opportunities for lecturer and students to bring technology effectively in teaching and learning process. Along with the development of ICT today, there are many free online media that can be used as media for teaching and learning writing; such as blogs, WebPages, and social networking system (Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, Google+, and etc.) can be used to help students to develop their English writing skills. One appropriate media that can be used by the lecturer in teaching writing to the English Department students is Google

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