Why Grammar Should Be Taught At CMU

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Ricardo Macias Professor Flaspohler English 110 November 26 2014 Why Grammar should be taught at CMU Everyone has their own opinion on Grammar. Some would argue that it should be taught in an English course. But then there are those who think the complete opposite and wish for it to not be taught at all. Grammar is a very important in the English course. Grammar is used to improver and better the students learning ability in the English language. Without grammar many students would not learn or understand the proper way to spell or speak. It is a subject that should be taught at all levels of education, from K-12 even at the college level. Without Grammar what is the English Course truly going to show you? Grammar should be taught at…show more content…
Grammar is a set of rules of composition clauses, phrases and any words in a given language. Grammar is used in a few different ways. To some people, the word grammar is often used with a broad meaning. Grammar will improve the way a person speaks and spells. It is a worldwide tool that has been used for many years. People think that without grammar a person is still able to speak and write correctly. Well that is false, a person has to use correct grammar in order to read and write. In a sentence there is a subject and a verb. Grammar is used to write correct sentences using a subject and a verb. If grammar was not used students would not be writing complete sentences. All of their sentences would be incorrect. For example every book uses grammar. If the book did not use grammar then the reader would not be able to understand what the author is trying to say in his or her book. The English language can be a challenging language to understand without grammar. Grammar is first introduced to a student in grade school and eventually will keep learning new methods over time. From the start of elementary school to the time the student becomes a college senior, he or she will still be learning new methods of…show more content…
It is understandable that a student does not want to spend their time reading about grammar. So when it comes down to finally writing a paper the student will think it is going to be fairly easy to write his or her paper. To some it will be easy and will write a great paper. But for the rest it will be a struggle. If they do not know the proper ways of grammar he or she will be completely lost. So students can not fully develop their reading and writing skills that they need to write their essays. This is very important for students to better their knowledge in. It is very important for a student to know why grammar should be taught. Without grammar it is almost impossible to read and write. (Nichol

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