Pros And Cons Of Indiscipline In School

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As you are aware, there were a number of video clips circulating on social media which highlighted some serious acts of indiscipline in the school. So we visited the school this morning, we had a meeting with the police, In fact, we had the community police, we also had the child protection and CID. we had lengthy discussions with them. Coming out of that meeting, a decision was taken and in a fact, those students who were the victims of the acts were taken to the police station to provide statements for the police in terms of what transpired. We were also advised that based on those statements, the police will follow up with further investigation and on the basis of that, the necessary action will be taken. In terms of the school and the incident itself, we had a very lengthily meeting with the middle management and there is a team at the school which is looking at promoting discipline.n We had a very lengthy meeting and debased on that…show more content…
We’ve been working for a while now o0n a comprehensive plan to deal with indiscipline in schools.We’ve looked at the best practice research and we have a clear strategy. In fact, this school has a school discipline plan. We have school discipline plans now developed for all our secondary school and our primary schools so that there is a comprehensive plan we are rolling out. Unfortunately, in the implementation of the plan at this school, we had a gap that resulted in this incidents. So we are working on, just not this school but all secondary schools and I believe we are beginning to see some results from that in terms of a reduction. We have not had until this incident, any serious incident for this term so far, but we are currently rolling out those plans. In fact, the Division of School Supervision, they are currently reviewing the school discipline plan in terms of enacting those and ensuring that they are implemented

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