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Reflection on teaching practice The reflection on teaching practice is the final assignment of UTP-ft. In this reflection, I will reflect on my progress and the feedback I received during the practice. I will also focus on some goals for my future development of skills to enhance my teaching for imparting quality learning. Making a video of my teaching and analysing it was a new experience for me. Though I was not comfortable with the practice I see some merit in it. In fact, I have been thinking of trying this idea but wasn’t sure how it can be done. Now after attending the session, I am comfortable that it can be done quite comfortably in course of my teaching. But the only problem initially will be making a good recording of the teaching.…show more content…
On the basis of video analysis, my colleagues provided me with some elements they appreciate and some suggestions for improvement. As a part of the assignment, Reflecting on the video that was reviewed as a part of the exercise, I recognize myself as an educator who pays attention to students and their learning. I am able to engage the students in a group work and monitor their task well. However, from my colleague feedback and my own introspection, I am required to develop on “making class lively through discussions.” As a result of video review, I am required to draw an action plan to improve my skills with 20 minutes teaching on any topic from three books gifted to us by our facilitator Dr Anja Swennen and Ms Carmen Peters. The presentation of the topics from the three books really gave me insight on what I have been doing, what are my strengths and how I can improve my teaching. I really appreciate their contributions in changing some of my beliefs in teaching with new…show more content…
to smile. I was feeling quite uncomfortable to keep smiling most of the time and I could manage it quite well. This is the area I am trying hard to improve and will continue to do it in my future teaching. The main areas of improvement in the teaching are time management and the not much of interaction in my teaching. Initially we planned for only two activities; one in the beginning and one at the end. I have not thought of including some interaction in between the teaching. I realised this only when I went through the feedbacks received. This can be avoided in the future teaching by proper planning and revisiting the plan again. The weak planning was evident from the feedback on "time management". My friend used most of the time in doing the first activity which could have been done in few minutes. The lesson I get from this teaching as a team is to make an elaborate plan with specified time for each member and in between to remind of the

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