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This is a group essay that will be discussing the topic:Art and craft and Art nouveau 1. The essay involvedfive students who each had a task to do sections of the assay inorder to combine all information researched to complete the essay. Anelani had to research on art nouveau,Neliswa on industrial revolution, Anita about the arts and craft movement, Deborah and Sandiso each researched about the reformation and reaction that would inspire the mid-19th century design. Figure one to six on the assay are used to give visible evidence and clear understanding regarding the issues or reasons behind the decision to take action against the early nineteenth century design. William Morris, the founder of the reform of the art and craft movement, along…show more content…
Floral curves decoration became signature characteristic of art nouveau and which was used in fabrics and book cover designs (Sabato, 1990).In figure 2 there is also Japanes influence with the contour flower depiction and the use indigo colour. The flowers in this design are drawn in life size with its detail in it. This was hardly seen in early 19th century. Characterized by nature and organic forms and contours depicting rhythm, Art nouveau brought up memories of a long time dream occupied by relaxed female figures with thin obscure symbolism and sensuality, (Gallagher, 2000: 8).The distinction between the fine arts and the applied arts is a matter of convenience as far as the art nouveau movement is concerned; its experts detested any such categorization. Art nouveau saw each art form as equal and important and many art nouveau designers did very well in many different art forms in order to create a unification design that would be their…show more content…
Its objective was to change people’s lives. The work was decorative but plain. The other designs were rough and plain. They use of bright colours, textiles and rich patterns made the designs look stunning. It also focused on social reform this meant being spiritually connected to nature. It was about finding inner peace. This is a chair design of William Morris in eighteen sixty-six, called the ‘’Web Chair’’, it is decorated with floral motifs, inspired from nature, as it includes birds and flowers, these subjects are purposely used as a repetition to form a decoration,. A focal point is a section made from wood, consist of twisted robes. The art and craft movement surely started with the socialist William Morris and with idealistic spirit but is design was most critics for the fact that he took the inspiration from the eighteenth century. After the great exhibition of 1951 and 1952, principals started to be reformed and get completely changed. The aim was not anymore to look for beauty or to get Idea and inspiration from the past tradition but to have a presence of mind (Isabelle A. & Charlotte G.,

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