Nectar In A Sieve Analysis

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Working to succeed and survive requires certain behavior and execution. It was not as easy to live at the time of the Homo erectus, Neanderthals, and Indians form the twentieth century. They had many problems, which made it difficult to survive. Some of their problems are problems that we still have today, but with our improvements such as new studies and technology, it is much easier for us to deal with these situations. They needed order and systems. They needed a leader; one who could take the first step forward along with his people to start beneficial progress. A leader needs to know what the people want and how they can improve. They key to success is leadership and communication. It was very difficult for the Homo erectus and Neanderthals…show more content…
She was from the lower caste. She did not know much. Rukmani and her family were greatly affected by the challnges but her pride took over her. She did not do much other than complain. Rather than doing something to make their situation better, she would complain. When her house was leaking with water from the monsoon, all she did was place buckets under the leak. Monsoons and drought were struggles that came yearly, so it was expected to happen, yet she did not prepare in advance. She dug her own grave and complained about…show more content…
It is important to always have hope and to always attempt to improve, even it if means to ask for help and to be seen in the bad shape you are really in. The reason many people fail is because there is not enough effort given. They fail because nobody pushed him/herself and pushed other people for improvement. Every group and every community needs a leader. Everybody should have the spirit of a leader if they want to succeed. The spirit of the leader is one that has hope, courage, unity, and also humility. A leader must believe in his/her ability to make changes for the better, but not to the point wherein they are full of pride. “Work without Hope draws nectar in a sieve, And Hope without an object cannot live.” (Samuel Taylor Coleridge). Work toward a goal will not succeed without

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