The Da Vinci Code Analysis

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Name : ¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬¬_Ryan Scott_________Section 4__ Dan Brown “The Da Vinci Code” Chapters: __54-78_ Key events (summary): • Langdon, Sophie, and Teabing all arrive in London and escape with Silas in a limousine. They head towards the Temple Church in London, but find that they went to the incorrect knight’s tomb. Here, Silas and Rème come to the church and injures Teabing. After doing research, they find that they must be heading towards Sir Issac Newton’s tomb. Silas was later murdered by the Teacher during a meeting. When they arrive at Newton’s tomb, the Teacher is puzzled by the cryptex message and tells Sophie and Langdon that Teabing is with him and to meet him in the garden. When they arrive the door shuts and Teabing has them at…show more content…
All along, he was trying to steal the Holy Grail from them. Page #s 583-811 Conflict (internal/external) External conflict- The codes they must solve in order to find the true location of the Holy Grail can be challenging and hard to solve. Internal Conflict- Robert Langdon must decide whether to keep the treasure of the Holy Grail secret like it has been for as long as it has existed or tell expose what it entails. Page #s 583-811 Setting ( in each section, including emotional atmosphere and how setting affects characters) • The entire section took place in and around London. More specifically, in the Temple Church and near Sir Isaac Newton’s tomb. The remodeling that was taking place near the garden’s had a major role in the ending of the story. What was supposed to be a safe, public place turned out to be a hidden, empty place that they got trapped in. This section was very nerve-racking because of the quiet, empty buildings which could be very easy to get away with murder in. In places such as Sir Isaac tomb’s it was very tense and Sophie and Langdon seemed quite nervous, but kept calm on the outside. Page #s

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