Health Issues In Ethiopia

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In most developing countries provision of healthcare services is a major challenge. Some of these challenges are lack of highly qualified medical human resources, financial as well as the ability to manage and transform scarce resources to meet healthcare needs (WHO-AIMS, 2009). Some of the studies indicate that chronic diseases are serious health problems in developing countries like Ethiopia. It is also a major cause of death and impaired quality of life (15). The use or misuse of addictive substances, such as cigarettes, alcohol, and khat (Catha edulis Forsk) which are the primary factors for chronic diseases are increasing in the country. Due to this and other factors chronic diseases are widely spread in the country and may represent a…show more content…
These conditions result in numerous adverse health outcomes, increased health care needs, and subsequently higher medical costs (16); (17); (18). A financial resource for chronic healthcare in Ethiopia is also extremely inadequate (WHO, 2009). As a result, chronic health services in Ethiopia are not sufficient (WFMH, 2010).In addition, shortage of physicians or doctors and clinicians, the distribution and lack of knowledge among primary healthcare workers are the main challenges that become an obstacle to address chronic health services satisfactorily throughout the country (WHO, 2009). In the majority of primary healthcare institutions, there is a shortage of qualified professionals. Some of primary healthcare workers do not have good and enough knowledge for diagnosing chronic diseases. Due to this, in most of the primary healthcare sectors, chronic disease patients may not get the appropriate treatment. Not all clinicians are competent

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