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“YES! YES! YES!” I yelled when Jason Kubel hit a homerun for the Twins on April 17th, 2011. The Minnesota Twins’ Target Field in Minneapolis, Minnesota and the Tampa Bay Rays’ Tropicana Field inn St. Petersburg, Florida, are among the most popular baseball stadiums in the United States. I’ve been to both ballparks many times in my life, but I can’t really seem to pick a favorite, so I’m going to compare both Target Field and Tropicana Field. Both ballparks have different types of food, along with different looks and views, and a baseball feel that makes them both unique. To begin with, Target Field has fantastic eats like Andrew Zimmern’s Canteen that has smoked meat sandwiches that makes everyone drool just by looking at them. Another Target Field favorite is Kramarczuk’s Sausages. Kramarczuk's Sausages are a Northeast Minneapolis favorite and 2013 James Beard American Classics award winner. Kramarczuk’s Sausages are made fresh daily just one mile from the stadium. Kramarczuk's…show more content…
Target Field offers a gorgeous view of downtown Minneapolis, trees just above the batter’s-eye in center field, and a large and beautiful scoreboards all over the stadium. Tropicana Field possesses a LARGE jumbotron in right field, in which most fans can clearly view the batting order, player information, and stats. Garrison Keillor of the New York Times said that "Target Field looks to be the Eighth Wonder of the World. A temple on the order of Wrigley Field or Fenway Park or the Acropolis, a beautiful little bandbox of a ballpark tucked snugly into the streets of old warehouses and the Burlington rail yards, with commuter trains running to its front door, a sight that fills me with unmitigated dizzy delight." Also, Tropicana Field’s roof is slanted from behind home plate all the down to past center field. Passing the stadium on a highway is always a treat because of the cool-looking slanted

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