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Career Paper Marketing agencies share the common goal of creating a relationship with their clients and creating products that are geared toward the desires each client has. The marketing world has a great number of career opportunities and different paths to take. Among these careers, lies the occupation of Market Researcher. A Market Researcher’s main focus is to collect and analyze data that deals with their clients and make recommendations based on the data they have collected. The majority of the clients that a Market Researcher deals with are made up of businesses, organizations and governmental departments. As a Market Researcher, one can either be employed directly through a company or for a marketing agency. It is more common for Market Researchers to be employed through a…show more content…
To become a Market Researcher, one must have achieved a Bachelors or advanced degree in business, mathematics or science. Along with this, it is highly recommended to have spent at least 3 to 5 years in the Custom Market Research Industry. The average salary for a Market Researcher is $60,800. By choosing the field of Market Research as a career, one will more than likely specialize in either quantitative or qualitative research for the employer. Quantitative research deals with the statistics and percentages of the data collected. This form of analysis tends to be much faster and made to deliver quick results. On the other hand, Qualitative research entails analyzing opinions and gives an answer for the reasoning behind certain percentages. This form of research tends to take much more time and is a very long process in most cases. A typical day in the life of a Market Researcher entails meeting with clients to negotiate research projects, creating a research plan and presenting it to the client or senior management, and or monitoring the progress of research projects that are in place. The role of a Market Researcher is very important.

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