Why Is Baseball Better Than Soccer

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Both Baseball and Soccer are known to be physically challenging sports. While both are physically challenge, one is more challenging tan the other. By comparing facts about both Baseball and Soccer, we easily figure out which one. Tough this would be my opinion still, it's always a good idea to compare and contrast two topics that are related in some way. Since both are sports and both include a lot of training to be successful, I will have to compare different aspects of these leagues. Soccer and baseball are both competitive sports, but when it come to more physical endurance, who wins? Soccer players go through more aerobic training than baseball players. I won't beat around the bush with this one.When I was younger I had to chose between two sports. Either Soccer or Baseball. I wanted something that would challenge me physically. Both worked, one just worked more than the other.While baseball required you to be more physically strong, Soccer required you to have more of an aerobic background. Baseball players and soccer players wouldn't be able to do the same kind of work. They don't require the same kind of strength.…show more content…
Everyone knows that baseball players need to bulk up to be able to hit as far as they do. Unlike soccer, where all the strength is from the lower body.You need to be able to hit a ball to far places, in soccer you have to be able to kick to very far places. Since it requires so much upper body strength, Baseball is a really hard sport for women to get into. That's besides the fact that it's hard for women to get into most sports as they are not supported as much as mens

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