A Separate Peace Characterization

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A Separate Peace by John Knowles BY: Victoria Marley English 2 CP 8/9/14 Characters Gene Forrester- He was the protagonist and narrator of the story but did not tell the readers his flaws yet criticized everyone else. Gene was best friends with Finny who he longs for. He flashes back on his years as a student at the Devon School in New Hampshire. Gene is about sixteen during flashback but in real time he is in his early thirties. He is intelligent, doesn’t have very good self-esteem, very competitive, and thoughtful until his jealousy takes over. Finny- He is best friend’s with Gene who he could never hurt. Finny is honest, has great self-esteem, is the best athlete in his school, and is extremely likable by all. He gets in trouble a lot…show more content…
He flashes back to the 1940s when the fifteen year younger him and friends were intelligent students attending school. During the summer session his roommate was Finny, the schools best athlete who also dances with mischief. Finny and Gene had made it a ritual to dangerously jump out of a tree into a river, the boys had made a secret society there. Gene began to resent and envy Finny because of his amazing athleticism. Finny broke the schools swimming record on his first try. Gene also figures that Finny envies his superior academic achievements and is going to try and distract him. His suspicions later turn into hatred but nevertheless he remains a trustworthy friend. Gene later finds out the Finny actually wants and hopes for Gene to succeed, but still in a state of shock during their ritual tree jumping Gene shakes the tree causing Finny to fall and shatter his leg. The doctor then explains to Finny his athletic career is over therefore sending him home. During this time Gene fills with guilt and tries to explain to Finny that he fell out of the tree because of him but could not succeed at telling Finny. The summer session ends so Gene goes on vacation back home. Heading back after his vacation he runs by Finny’s house where he explains what happened with the tree but Finny doesn’t want to believe him. Gene later tries to avoid athletic contact and becomes assistant crew manger however it doesn’t last long because of his feuds with the crew manager so he quits. World War 2 comes along and everyone is eager to enlist. Brinker Hadley tries to promotes class politician and suggests the Gene enlist however the night before enlisting Finny returns to school. Finny however excepts Gene to pick up the sports since Finny cant but Gene protests. Finny then declares war. Finny tells the rest of the school that Gene is taking Finny’s place once the aspirations for the 1944
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