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What is a Paralegal During this week I have learned that there are many aspects to becoming a paralegal. The job of a paralegal consists of much more than formal administrative work, it involves using their initiative, creativity and knowledge to communicate with clients, lawyers, government offices while working on assignments which would normally be overseen by a lawyer. The demand for paralegals are much higher now due to the fact that they are more cost effective than a lawyer. There have been projects throughout the province which allows paralegals to represent clients in the courtroom in the place of a lawyer. A few services paralegals are able to provide are, but not limited to: • Preparing a divorce settlement; • Writing a will; • Purchasing property; and, • Taking care of other legal matters. To be a successful paralegal one must master the art of communication. This is a fundamental key to removing barriers and opening the lines of communication. The reason communication is so important is because with effective listening and verbal communication you are able to build trust. Trust with your supervising lawyer is crucial due to the fact that they will be…show more content…
Along with this, a paralegal’s actions towards other members of the legal profession should be done in good faith. Although it is important to take the integrity of your firm and clients seriously, it is also important to maintain personal integrity. Paralegals have the duty to report any misconduct unless it would involve a breach of confidentiality or it would be unlawful. A few examples of that would

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