Apollo Tyre Case Study

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1. Topic description The subject of this research will be to investigate the factors that lead to perceptions and their correlation to the value/success of a brand in the tyre industry. Keller (2001) emphasizes the importance of brand image and that the success of a brand depends on the strong beliefs and attitudes that customers develop about the brand. On the other hand, there is a growing amount of research that is emphasizing that the long term success of a brand can no longer be just the result of perception/awareness in the eyes of a consumer, but it mainly depends on the additional cash flow that the brand is capable of generating (Jean Noel 2008). Apollo Tyres’ (India’s largest tyre manufacturer) presence in Ireland will be studied…show more content…
The most common answer in this case could be low price. But sure consumers in the replacement market held certain perceptions (to believe that low cost Chinese tyres could still deliver acceptable quality) than resulted in this paradigm shift to switch to a different brand .Behind these perceptions could be underlying factors such as their age, knowledge of road safety, group purchasing behaviour, cultural backgrounds etc. To know which factors drive consumers in particular demographics needs to be…show more content…
His research points out that brand meaning has two types which are intrinsic and extrinsic in nature. The intrinsic type relates to the “brand performance” : everything that is central to the product that is identifiable by the consumer – such as product specifications, price, style and design etc. The extrinsic type relates to the “brand imagery”. It relates to just the perceptions of people rather than what the brand could actually do. Thus consumers could be basing their perceptions on several intangible factors that are central to their nature and the societies they live in. In a study of 248 business managers by (Aaker 1991), results showed that the managers most frequently identified “reputation for quality” as the sustainable competitive advantage for their business. Such studies show that intangible perceptions could have a towering influence in choosing a

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