Reinaldo Arenas: An Analysis Of A Quote On Literature

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Quote on Literature Literature is a field that has attracted several quotes because of its use as a mechanism for transmitting irrefutable experiences from one generation to another. Given its significance, literature has become the living memory of cultures and nations. One of the major quotes in this field was made by Reinaldo Arenas in his support for literature to be irreverent. The quote proposes that literature has to be irreverent just like any art rather than being obedient writing. Irreverent literature basically involves attempts by writers to go beyond the existing performance limits or obstacles. In this case, writers are engaged in a process of innovation through challenging the commonly accepted limitations. An analysis of Arenas’ quote is crucial in understanding why literature should be irreverent like any art rather than being obedient writing. Analysis of the Quote When the word irreverence is mentioned, people tend to think about certain terms like disrespectful, humorous, and witty. Generally, irreverence has primarily been defined on the basis of being disrespectful, which makes the term to evoke negative thoughts. However, irreverence plays a crucial role in the society and culture because of its role in the lives of people, organizations, and groups. Despite its seemingly negative connotation, irreverence can…show more content…
During this process, writers also question or examine the validity of new concepts on the context of another person’s view. Writers participate in the process of generating change and growth of information that results in an ever-changing world. Irreverence provides more perspectives or views that not only broaden the writing process but also creates more possibilities for confronting personal status quo. Moreover, the writer confronts approved standards and expectations regarding the technique of

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