Noise Induced Hearing Loss

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The aim of this research was to find out what causes the delayed and progressive neural degeneration within the ear following exposure to loud sound with temporary noise induced threshold shifts (where thresholds fully recover). The research was carried out because noise induced hearing loss is a major health problem in the UK and by finding out how the neural degeneration is occurring, preventative measures can be developed to prevent noise induced hearing loss in the future. This paper builds on a range of previous work on the topic of noise induced hearing loss. The paper uses research by Miller et al., 1963 which states that following exposure to loud noise, noise induced hearing loss recovers exponentially for 2-3 weeks. It also makes use of research by Liberman and Dodds, 1984 which gives the cause of permanent noise induced hearing loss: cochlear hair cell destruction or mechano-sensory hair bundle damage. Research…show more content…
Research by Spoendlin, 1971; Liberman and Mulroy, 1982; Robertson, 1983 was used as it shows with temporary noise induced hearing loss, no hair cell death occurs but cochlear nerve terminal swelling is seen within 24 hours after overexposure at the hair cell synapses which suggests glutamate excitotoxicity. Research showing that this excitotoxicity caused by overexposure to

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