Swot Analysis Of Target Brand

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The philosophy demands to provide the best product at the best price from the best channel. That is why the brand getting its own label merchandise manufactured from assorted vendors to get quality product in good prices, fine quality products with less effort by the customer, in sizes that fit them comfortably. The focus is truly on the big and tall person. The brand offers sizes from Large to 9xl, so the brand aims to do everything focused on big and tall. The company is named as Target-xl. According to the target market which is bigger in size or taller than usual people the name is very attractive and obvious to get the basic knowledge about the brand. The product assortment offered by the brand is good quality in affordable prices which…show more content…
The selling price decided for each garment comprises of GST tax and markup on the cost prices. It was derived through the customer research that the targeted customer prefers to have below the line promotions. They prefer to receive SMS about promotion or new collection in stores as well as prefer to receive an e-mail from the brand to update them about the brand activates. However they are attracted towards the promotions that catch attention. 1.1.2 SWOT Strengths • Skills of the entrepreneur that support the daily operation and knowledge about the industry. • Providing a product to the targeted market which is a basic need, hence solving their problem. Weakness • Outsourced production that increases dependencies on vendors. • Lesser minimum order quantities; that gives more strength to vendor for negotiation. • No physical existence that might reduce brand awareness. Opportunities • There is a market gap of extra large sizes specialist brand, this can help the brand to get highlighted near the

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