Should Teens Be Executed Essay

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Should teens be executed is a continuous question asked in society now a days. My opinion is they should be executed . I feel like they should because they chose to commit the crime they commited. So I think it also depends on how bad the crime was. If the crime like murdering should be paid with execution because I you leave that person off the hook then they should do it again. We do not want stuff like that to happen so i would say it depend on the crime. If a teenger between 15-18 years of age do commit a crime most of the time they are trying to act like adults. If a teenager wants to act like an adult then they should be treated like an adult. Adults are always treated like adults no matter what. So if teens want…show more content…
The brain may help but it doesn’t determine completely how you act. He still have part in deciding how you act. You can’t try to blame it on your brain. Because that is an always going to work. And by blaming it on your brain if you are showing you actually think things through before even doing it. Which would then prove you guilty. Should teens be executed? I believe I should even though most people say that they shouldn’t be executed.I believe this because it matters are executed they will be able to strike again. It also helps save money for other things that are more necessary. So it is better to get it over with and execute them. Once killed they do not have the ability to hit or commit the crime again. “If you execute somebody, their deterred”( Juvenile Death Penalty: Fair or Unfair). Which is what we want because they will be less crime every time. Which is what this world needs. Even though most say this is the crew and unusual way like I said before it’s not true. For many reasons that is reasons which I have not stated throughout the paper. So execution is a good thing and I agree teen to commit murder should be executed so they know through the pain the other person went through. It shows them how the person who was killed from anything planned on killing again they should be treated the same

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