How Does Advertising Cause Obesity

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TV advertising will cause obesity among children. Singh et al. (2008) argues that TV viewing is an important factor of obesity. Children will expose to unhealthy food products such as food that high in fats, calories and sugar through TV advertising. They may demand for those food and influence their parents to buy it. The purpose of fast food advertising is to promote fast food to children and increase the purchasing power. Research shows that eighty-six percent of non-restaurant food and drinks product advertisement seen on TV by children is high in saturated fat, sugar, calories and sodium. According to Jordan et al. (2008), it is gradually clear that media especially television play a vital parts in obesity. Other research shows that children that spend more than 3 hours watching television per day are 50% to be obese or overweight compared to children who watch television less than 2 hours. This is because children use most of their time watching television instead of exercise. TV advertisements also decrease the involvement of children in other activity. Kaiser, F (1999) observed that “average child between the ages of 8 and 18 spent 6 hours and 43 minutes each day with media which is more time than the time…show more content…
Exposing to TV advertisement may affect children’s eating behavior and alter their food intake. They may choose the unhealthy fast food rather than healthy balanced diet. As a result, most of the children are obese. The food and drinks industry have made plans to control their advertising to children. Yet, this has not brought about huge change in the promoting of healthier food such as vegetables and food. Healthier foods are seldom advertised and children are less exposed to healthy food. Most of the advertised foods are from unhealthy category that contributes to obesity. The levels of children expose to TV advertisement by ages are as

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