Political Parties In Hong Kong

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There are many different kinds of political systems in countries and place are implied. The mainly political systems are divided into democratic and autocratic. In order to reflect social conditions and deal with the social issues, people forms together becomes a group or organization. It is normal to find political parties in democratic system ( US as example ) and autocratic system ( DPRK as example). This means political parties are found in the overwhelming majority of countries ( Andrew Heywood,2007 ). Without political parties, different kinds of interest group will be needed to gain interests from different opinions or interests that exist among different persons or groups of people. Hong Kong is widely recognized as a democratic place,…show more content…
The suitable methods is proof by contradiction. Firstly, for a real or a well-defined political parties that recognized by formal and public, the most powerful evidence is written in legislations. Secondly, to determine the identity of ‘’political parties’’ in Hong Kong is the well-defined one, all functions of political parties should be found. In Hong Kong, there are two ordinances is the most relative to electoral campaigns among parties, one is the Electoral Affairs Commission Ordinance ( EACO ) and the other one is Elections (Corrupt and Illegal Conduct) Ordinance ( ECICO ). The former one is responsible for conducting and supervising the elections, taking appropriate steps to ensure the elections are conducted openly, honestly and fairly, etc, the latter one is responsible for focusing on supervising the behaviors in election advertisement, donations, and prohibiting illegal activities in electoral procedure and corruptions. These are not related to how political parties form and work, therefore, the ‘’political parties’’ in Hong Kong are not Illegitimate. Based on the Societies Ordinance ( SO ) or the Company Ordinance (CO), which supervise the registry of all groups including interest groups and companies, in Hong Kong, all the ‘’political parties’’ registered either as limited companies or societies. Therefore, there are no ‘’political parties’’ in Hong Kong, literally. If the ‘’political parties’’ in Hong Kong is the well-defined one, all functions of political parties should be found. According to the Chief Executive Election Ordinance ( CEEO ), winning candidate need to declare he is not a member of political party. A person who as elected at an election shall, need to publicly make a statutory declaration to the effect that he is not a member of any political party; and if appointed as the Chief Executive he will not become a member of

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