Strengths And Weaknesses Of Strategic Marketing

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“THE ONE” STRATEGIC MARKETING REPORT SABIR AHMED SALEEM HEAD OF MARKTING Content Executive Summary Page 3 Role of Strategic Marketing Page 4 Strategic Marketing Process Page 5 - 6 Strategic Marketing link to Corporate Strategy Page 7 Strategic Marketing Models Page 8 - 10 Marketing Strategy Options Page 11 - 14 Relationship Marketing Page 15 – 16 Why Relationship Marketing? What Merit from Relationship Marketing? Impact of changes in external environment Page 17 - 18 Current strengths and weaknesses in marketing strategy Page 19 Strategic Marketing Responses Page 1 References Page 20 Figures: Figure 01 - Strategic marketing process Figure…show more content…
Some of the benefits of relationship marketing we can gain are below. • Loyal customers will help expand our business by recommending our business to friends and family. • Loyal customers are more willing to try our new products, because they trust us. • Loyal customers are more likely to accept price increases because they are loyal to us and trust our products and services. • Loyal customers are more likely to provide feedback, which enables us to improve our product and services. They can even support innovation by identifying gaps in the market and suggesting ideas for our business. • Loyal customers will usually continue to provide us with custom after there is a lapse in the customer service (as long as we resolve the situation swiftly and to the customer's satisfaction). Rewarding our valuable customers with a loyalty program will personally connect our existing customers with our products and company. Finally… It takes a lot of time and effort to build relationships with customers but the list of relationship marketing benefits is endless. The ultimate benefit is an increase in sales, market share and dominance. (Ref No:…show more content…
Propose strategic marketing responses to key emerging themes in a marketing strategy? Answer: The Most Important strategic marketing responses to key emerging themes in a marketing strategy are as follows: 1) Efficiency: For any business, transforming inputs into outputs. Inputs are basic factors of production such as labor, land, capital, management, and technological know-how. Outputs are goods and services that the business produces. Efficiency is measured in terms of quantity of inputs to produce a given output. The more the efficient a company is, the fewer the inputs required to produce a given output. 2) Quality and Reliability: A product can be thought of many physical products include their form, features, performance, durability, reliability, style and design. 3) Innovation: The act of creating new products or processes. 4) Responsiveness to Customers: A company must be able to do a better job than competitors of identifying and satisfying its customer needs. A company must have to reduce the customer waiting time, by providing a better services and thereby reducing the time for waiting for

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