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Various Influences Due to the advancement of technology at present, media has become a variable that affects almost everything that humans do in their daily activities. And marriage is included in the long list of things that media, and of all its sorts, influences; this connotes both negative and positive effects. A study conducted by Barber & Axinn (2004) showed both the negative and positive result of exposure to mass media. Some of the outcomes include that families tend to keep the members of the family few, with more daughters, and without the restriction of usage on contraception between the parents. This goes to show that families keeping and controlling the number of members are being more practical. Generally, the adolescents…show more content…
Often driven by emotions, couples enter into matrimony without much thought of their future plans. There are certain behaviors, alongside a few benchmarks, that could signal an individual's willingness to settle down; these are known as the criteria for marriage readiness (Ghalili, Etemadi, Ahmadi, Fatehizadeh, & Abedi, 2012). Though there is no set universal standard on the criteria of marriage readiness, people still instinctively know what to do when faced or committed to this situation. Some of the marriage readiness criteria or the subscales that adolescents consider are emotional health and maturity, communication behavior, self-esteem, drug abstinence, independence from family, overall readiness, and religious…show more content…
It includes sharing and opening up towards another person. And according to Hall (1994), “happy” couples are able to openly talk with each other, discuss personal topics, and are sensitive to each other’s feelings. Building a strong relationship as partner will affect both individuals as a couple or in the future, as a family. And relationships are strengthened if these kinds of feeling are prevalent in both couples. But partners who don’t talk to each other often create conflicts. Through communicating or talking with each other, couples are able to settle arguments. And through in depth communication, a couple can decide whether or not they are ready for marriage. Self-esteem can be defined as how people value themselves (Leary & Baumeister, 2000). Self-esteem affects trust in others, relationships and nearly every part of one’s life. And past studies indicate that the self-esteem is a factor that is effective in the female marital satisfaction rates compared to males (Cohen, Geron, & Farchi, 2009). Females who tend to be more confident, in any aspect, have a positive outlook in life even before they get married resulting to a similar scenario in their married

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