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Hair Spa to Control Your Hair Fall There are plenty for factors that can cause hair fall. Some of the reasons behind hair fall are illness, medication, hormones, lifestyle, puberty, menopause, pregnancy, etc. Iron deficiency has also been shown to cause hair fall. There are plenty of treatments that can help you deal with hair fall. However, the first step is to find the cause of hair fall. You can visit a trichologist for a thorough analysis and find the root cause of hair fall. Once you know what is triggering hair fall, you can start a treatment to deal with the condition. It is also beneficial to make dietary and lifestyle changes. However, this treatment will take time to deliver visible results and you need to go for specialised hair…show more content…
Some of them have been mention here: • Improves the Hair Quality: The deep conditioning treatments used in hair spa can have a positive impact on the quality of the hair. The hair becomes smooth and shiny after a hair spa treatment. It promotes healthy hair growth and also makes the hair more manageable. Most people find immediate effect in how their hair feels after a hair spa treatment. And the best part is that the effect lasts quite a few days. Regular hair spa treatments, preferably twice a month, can work wonders for the health of the hair. • Promotes Hair Growth: Different products in a hair spa treatment offer different benefits. Hair spa treatments also vary for hair fall, hair loss, hair thinning and other hair problems people deal with. Hair spa helps normalise oil secretions from the scalp and eliminate impurities stuck inside the pores. The products work well to restore the oil balance and add moisture to the hair. Hair is shinier after a hair spa treatment and quite soft to touch. People with curly hair find that their hair becomes more manageable after a hair spa treatment. And you probably already know that smooth hair does not break

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