Sugar Making Process Report

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Chapter – 1 INTRODUCTION 1.1 Chapter Summary This chapter starts with the scope of improvement in sugar manufacturing process. Section 1.2 presents the objective of proposed research work. The historical background of sugar and statistics of Indian sugar industry is explained in section 1.3 and the chemical composition of sugar cane is described in section 1.4. The overview of sugar making process is explained in section 1.5. In section 1.6 of this chapter important terms used in cane juice extraction process during sugar making process are discussed. Various expressions used for the calculation of sugar mill parameters are also expressed in this section. An introduction to soft computing and its various instruments are explained in section…show more content…
The milling process is a combination of two processes namely cane preparation and extraction. Sucrose is stored in cells of cane billets. The knives, shredder and fibrizer are cane preparatory devices. The cane is first passed through two sets of rotating knives. The first one is called cane knives. It is rotating at about 700 rpm and cut the cane into pieces. Cane knives are also used as leveler to maintain the level of cane on cane carrier. The second set is called as shredder knives. It rotates slightly more than cane knives. These two sets of knives prepare the fiber of cane billets. These small fibers are around 1-2 centimeters. During cane preparation the cane is cut into small pieces. The cells of cane pieces are raptures without juice…show more content…
It was proved experimentally that the PI controller needs the least memory and run time whereas the fuzzy logic controller requires the most memory and run time (Yueh-Ru 2011). A fuzzy logic controller was developed for an automated car braking system. Braking performance observed in term of distance and velocity to prevent collision or accident for fuzzy, PI and PD type controllers (Mamat and Ghani 2009). A fuzzy controller was developed to control the output power of a pulse width modulated inverter used in a wind energy conversion system. The fuzzy controller was well efficient to track and extract maximum power from wind energy conversion system (Hilloowala and Sharaf 1996). It is also important to note that a fuzzy logic can be interfaced with a conventional control (Reznik 1997). Fuzzy Controller In Sugar Mill Japan first started research activities on fuzzy logic. A research institute, Laboratory for International Fuzzy Engineering (LIFE) started functioning in 1993. The Japanese researchers are the leaders in the practical implementation of Fuzzy theory and now have more than 2000 patents in the area. Now fuzzy logic controllers are being increasingly applied in areas where system complexities, development time and costs are the major

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