Importance Of Personal Selling In Marketing

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Personal Selling Marketing management also involves the ongoing activities of selecting, training, deploying, supervising, motivating, evaluating and controlling of sales representatives. Sales operations must be monitored to identify problem areas, and to assess the effectiveness, efficiency, and profitability of sales representatives. Personal selling is one of the most important demand-stimuling forces in the promotional mix. A sensitivity to how buying vary, coupled with a knowledge of buying behavior is the foundation for successful personal selling. Personal selling offers not just a physical product, but also ideas, recommendations, technical assistance, experience, confidence and friendship to customers. Product specifications,…show more content…
To prepare new sales representative adequately, the training program must be carefully designed and performed. Periodical training is required to sharpen the skills of experienced ones, especially when working and marketing environment changes. Changes in marketing strategy (e.g. new products, new services, new market segments) might require corresponding changes in personal selling styles. Effective training builds confidence and motivation in sales representatives, thereby increasing the probability of successful performance. Also, in turn, training helps marketing unit by keeping sales representatives in the line with marketing program objectives. The sales representatives report directly to sales management, but also work closely with product management on matters concerning pricing and product specifications. The sales force must be directed in a way that is consistent with the company's polices and marketing objectives. Critical supervisory tasks are continued training, consulting, assistance, and other activities that help sales representatives plan and execute their work. Supervision is responsible also for setting sales performance standards, and integrates the sales force with higher organisational…show more content…
Rewards might be on a personal basis, such as a feeling of accomplishment, or self-worth, and offered by company in financial form or recognition. The rewards strongly influence sales representative satisfaction with the job and the work environment, which is also influenced by the individual's role perceptions. Organisational climate has great deal of influence on sales representatives. Sales representatives tend to have a higher level of job satisfaction when (1) they perceive that their first-line supervisor closely directs and monitors their activities, (2) management provides them with the assistance and support needed to meet unusual and non routine problems, and (3) they perceive themselves to have an active part in determining company policies and standards that affect

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