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Losing a loved one can be very challenging to handle. Some might move on fast and keep upright others will cope with depression and sadness. At some point people will move on with their lives, but never will they forget the loved one who passed away. There isn’t a right or wrong way to handle grief. There is multiple ways and doings and everyone grief’s differently. We will want to remember and at the same time forget the ones we have lost. But what happens when one starts to imagine the lost one? The main character in the short story “No angel” written by Bernie McGill in 2011 has dealt with. Soon she starts to see and talk to her family. As if they were still alive. The story starts in medias res where the reader is thrown in the event happening. The use of flashbacks in the story is very frequent. The protagonist has chosen to begin the story with a flashback where we get introduced to the main event. “The first time I saw my father after he died, I was in the shower, hair plastered with conditioner, when the water stuttered and turned cold.” Here we are sure of that the main character has lost her father and because of this loss she imagines him being there with her for the first time after his dead. This is not the only flashback in the story. There are constantly referring’s…show more content…
An angel is a supernatural element and the title indicates that someone is not an angel. Her father is a supernatural element to the story as she hallucinates him and thereby the title could say that he is not an angel and that he isn’t haunting her for her best. In every of their meetings he has something negative to say. For an example he doesn’t want her to be together with her boyfriend and remarks that he isn’t supporting their relationship. Also at the end she is says to her father: “Will you leave me alone now?” meaning that she does not need her father anymore representing that she does not need an

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