Libroffee Operations Plan

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OPERATIONS PLAN LIBROFFEE Daily Operation Libroffee plans to be located in a commercial building specifically in the University Mall near De La Salle University, Malate, Manila. Libroffee’s business process equipment will be one counter and a computer for the order taking and will use the website Imonggo where they record every transaction made within the business. It has a point of sale software that has integrated inventory management and sales analysis. The free subscription will only be applicable for 1000 product inventory and 1000 lines of transactions per month which will benefit Libroffee since it is a start-up business. But when the business expands and hopefully becomes successful, Libroffee will upgrade to a premium version which…show more content…
Ideas will also be gathered from critics and comments. This will improve Libroffee’s service and products thus serving the customers better. Location As we will be located inside the mall, we have nothing to worry about the parking because the mall will be responsible for that. Also, it will be easy for us to get our supplies from the supplier because even though we are inside the mall, we could do the getting of supplies before the mall or store opens as it is part of the backstage operations. For the transportation, public vehicles like jeepneys and cabs pass the University Mall so it is accessible for customers. Also, it is near the LRT track allowing commuters of the train to access the location. We need not to worry about construction because we will be getting a commercial space for rent. But we will have to hire an interior designer or an architect for the store design and other facilities. Store hours of Libroffee will be from 7 am – 12 mn. Libroffee will look like an ordinary coffee shop. The space required would be around 100 sq.…show more content…
We didn’t mention about having a cashier personnel because we will be doing the work because of trust issues also for the security and safety of the daily sales or profit of the business. And as a cashier, we will also be taking the orders for each of the customers. This will only be applicable for the first few months of operations. For us general managers of the business, in the first few months of operations we can help the business by doing the employees’ jobs also. As a startup business, at first we won’t be having a lot of employees because that would likely to incur expense for

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