Bacterial Transformation Lab Report

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Bacterial Transformation Alyssa Krajnik Lab TA: Qi Deng Lab Time: Thursday 4:30 Report Submitted: 09 APR 2015 Abstract: The purpose of this experiment was to observe the process of transferring genes from one organism to another using the aid of a plasmid. However, the results obtained from the experiment illustrated that the data collected was not reliable. The results indicated that not enough bacteria were transferred to the agar plates. Because of the errors that occurred in the experiment, the hypothesis was not supported. Introduction: Genes are essential fragments of DNA. According to the Laboratory Exercises for General Biology I Manual, these fragments of DNA provide the instructions for making protein, which…show more content…
The plates were labeled with the group name, TA’s initials, date of lab, lab date and time, name of the organism, and whether it contained the pGLO plasmid. The plates that were used were; 2 LB plates that had no lines, 2 LB/Ampicillin plates that had 1 line, and 1 LB/Ampicillin/Arabinose plate with 2 lines. After the 10 minutes had expired, the +pGLO and –pGLO tubes transferred, in their foam rack, into the water bath (set at 42°C) for exactly 50 seconds. After the time is up, the tubes were immediately placed back on the ice and incubated for 2 minutes. After the incubation period, the rack, containing the tubes was removed from the ice bath. The tubes each then had 250 μL of LB nutrient broth added to them with new sterile pipets. They were then incubated for 20 minutes at room temperature. Once the incubation period has expired the tubes were tapped with a finger to help mix the solutions inside. 100 μL of the transformation and control suspensions were pipetted onto their appropriate nutrient agar plates. Using new sterile loops for each plate, the suspension was spread evenly onto each agar plate. The plates were stacked, taped together, and placed upside down in the 37℃ incubator until the next day. In the next lab, observations of the plates were made and data was

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