Mesoamerican Culture Essay

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The evolution of Mesoamerican cultures was primarily facilitated by the cultivation of a sustainable, energy rich food source most commonly known as corn or maize. The agricultural propagation of this sustenance by the people who inhabited areas now known as the southwestern United States, Mexico, and Central to South America, gave rise to a host of novel innovations that preceded certain technological and societal advancements we associate with more Europeanized nations. These innovations can be divided into a medley of distinct and yet overlapping evolutionary categories including; architecture, mathematics, literature and calendars. Interestingly enough, the effects of domesticating corn can even be seen in an inextricably linked relationship…show more content…
It is clear that the cultivation of corn and the dietary fortification that resulted from having a stable reliable food source led to the population growth and urbanized sedentary societies that were represented throughout the America’s. As a result of population growth and technological advancements in agriculture, these civilizations were thrust into a cycle of progression that created stratified wealth and facilitated the progression and assimilation of ideas across trade routes created to share the surplus of food that could now be stored in pottery, ceramics, and other concurrent practical tools. Architecture also evolved to meet the demands of growing cities and reflected differences in wealth and values held by the period of the time which can be seen in different temples, pyramids, and overall organizational structure. As calendars advanced to facilitate agricultural growth cycles and other mathematical achievements also assisted in the use of tools for these purposes, urbanization continued to grow and flourish throughout each unique society. Literary achievements such as hieroglyphics, codices, and oral traditions allowed cultural expansion and the sharing of tradition and ideas to be assimilated, transformed and re-propagated to each civilization that borrowed and was consumed by ideologies of the

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