Persuasive Essay On Red Wine

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Wine is an alcoholic beverage whose flavor has been enjoyed all throughout the world for centuries. The official definition, provided by the European Union states wine as “The product obtained from the total or partial alcoholic fermentation of fresh grapes, whether or not crushed, or of grape must”("What Is Wine?"). But, generally speaking, wine is made by fermenting different kinds of fruits and berries. The official definition differentiates between ‘proper’ wine and wine made from kits or by other means. Most common of which would be grapes. The main components of wine are what creates and distinguishes the different types of wine from each other. Wine is composed of alcohol, acids, tannins, sugar, fruit, and finally color. The color…show more content…
First on this list of information is the bacteria contained in red wine. Researchers in Spain have isolated eleven strains of bacteria that are contained in red wine which include Lactobacillus, which can be commonly found in yogurt. Also found; Oenococcus and Pediococcus bacteria, which are associated with the winemaking process (Blaszczak, By Agata). This is very substantial information because those are strains that can be associated with…show more content…
This was shown by a report in 2010 found in the Archives of Internal Medicine. The report stated that women who consumed a moderate amount of wine were more likely to maintain their weight than those who did not. The women also experienced an increased level of energy which would burn off the remaining calories contained in the drink. Red wine is also thought to help increase the lifespan of human beings. Research suggests that resveratrol an antioxidant, found in red wine, can help to reduce inflammation as well as compounds in the blood that interfere with the production of insulin. All of the advantages of these benefits were felt after drinking in moderation, nothing more excessive ("Red Wine: The

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