Suffering In Human Life

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Introduction Suffering is one of the realities and parts of our life. It seems that it is unavoidable. Whenever we hear the word suffering, a kind of negative feeling arises and immediately we want to escape from suffering because everyone wants to be happy rather than to suffer. Our experience of suffering in everyday life sometimes blocks and humiliates us and brings crises in order to live with a peaceful mind. Though suffering is undesirable for humanity, the search for meaning in suffering still continues. If we ask the question whether the experience of suffering would be the same for all and in every situation then the response would be no, because suffering varies for each person and in different circumstances. Suffering does not see…show more content…
Why is there suffering? What is the role of suffering in human life? Why does it take the place of an important role? And above all, it calls into question the existence of God because when God created the world he saw everything as good and so how could things exist which are not good and undesirable? If we say God is all powerful and omnipotent, then how could He allow or permit human beings to experience the unwanted things which allow his faith to be shaken? And is suffering particular to man or to other animals also? These kinds of questions manifest the essence of the nature of human being to answer. Pope John Paul II says concerning this: “even though man knows and is close to the sufferings of the animal world, nevertheless what we express by the word “suffering” seems to be particularly essential to the nature of man.” Since the nature of man itself is rational, suffering forces him to reflect and to go beyond himself. The way of looking at suffering also differs from others. For one it is the finishing point in their life, and for another, it takes the same reality as an instrument to flourish their human life. So it leads one to ask whether suffering is good or evil. This paper will analyse how suffering becomes good when it leads to finding meaning in our everyday…show more content…
In the Christian life, we do not suffer for nothing, for everything can find meaning when we incorporate it into Christ. In this secularized world, there is no idea or concern to search the cause of the particular problem especially for the problem of suffering because it transcends man himself and goes beyond his understanding. Only very few are ready to face difficulties and to find meaning in their suffering. Many do not bother about the sense of their life. In this situation how can we explain to them the meaning of life which they have received from God as a gift, in a special way when they face and endure sufferings? The life of a human being is different from other animals because the life we receive from God has dignity. God has given this dignity out of His love. But man has corrupted this dignity because of his sin, and yet God did not want mankind to lose his dignity forever. So God sent His Only Begotten Son, to save and to restore man’s dignity, by assuming our human nature. He endured all the sufferings of this world, and, ultimately, suffered and died on the Cross. Through His passion and death, He changed the negative concept of suffering. He redeemed man’s suffering by His suffering on the Cross. He offered redemptive meaning to our

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