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Our society is afflicted by diseases like arthritis, asthma, inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), heart disease, diabetes and the need of the hour is to make long term lifestyle changes to control or eliminate their occurences. While these diseases may be different, a common denominator that ties them all is Inflammation. Inflammation is an important element of a healthy body's immunity and is often characterised by swelling,mark of redness, warmth and pain. A research by the US health science concluded that inflammation is linked to everything from bloating and acne to life threatening illnesses. Top health priority now remains is to fight inflammation. One of the remedy is to switch to anti-inflammatory foods that can alleviate the symptoms of the diseases with inflammation as the root cause, but…show more content…
When our body is weak or injured, our immune system comes into action with the army of white blood cells to the injured part and increases the blood flow. Since there is an increased attention by the immune system to that specific injured area, we may feel pain, redness, discomfort or swelling. The white blood cells surround the injured area and absorb and kills germs, repairs or removes dead or damaged cells and other foreign materials to help heal the body. Blood clots created by hormones heals and removes the damaged/dead tissues when healing is finished; and in due process one can experience pain and fever as well. Swelling happens when fluid gets mixed with the white blood cells. Pus is an amassing of dead white blood cells after ingesting the harmful materials and no-longer-needed cells. In a healthy body, inflammation is an effective immune response that helps healing the wounds. This is also referred as Acute inflammation which is a short-term disorder and happens just after a minor cut or boils in the skin, maybe an infected ingrown nail, a sprained ankle, bronchitis, a sore

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